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If you are looking for great entertainment for your next 
birthday party, family party or group event?
Then STOP!
You have found Utah's top family magical entertainer.
Call 801-230-7372 to book your show now!
Anthony as Professor Bumbledum
A Wizarding Magic Show!
Anthony has a Harry Potter themed magic show which is great for kids of all ages who love stories of wizards, witches or sorcerers of any kind.

This show also works great for Princess Parties too!

Anthony needs lots of assistants who love to be made the star of the show!  This show is cleverly educational and encourages reading, yet has everyone squealing with laughter and surprise as they help create the magic.

This show is great for birthday parties, family parties, class parties, libraries and even school assemblies.
The Magic of Color!
Anthony presents a magic show full of fun props, puppets, and all kinds of magic with counting and a huge splash of color!  And don't forget the best part of any show-a live  bunny!

This show is geared for younger children from 3 to 8 years old.  It’s perfect for birthday parties or special events involving younger children. It's also great for preschools, daycares and school classroom parties.
Anthony's magic shows are professional and constantly evolving to include new magically fun effects.  
He even has several themed shows to choose from 
to enhance your party's theme!
Scouting Magic!
Anthony as Scoutmaster
Anthony presents a show full of fun, comedy, missteps, jokes and tons of scouting references while performing the magic.  I teach every scout a magic trick to do for their family and friends (which helps scouts with their Bear Cub “Magic” requirement)!

A fun show for Cubs Scouts, great for Troop meetings, Pack meetings and don't forget
 Blue and Gold Banquets.

Anthony is an Eagle Scout and a Trained Scout Leader.
The spring season is a perfect time for a party. Why not add a magic show for even more entertainment.  This show is packed with fun and magic as we celebrate the arrival of spring and the Easter holiday.  Packed with flowers, bunnies and eggs, this show is perfect for this time of year.

This show is great for birthday parties, family parties, church events, daycares, preschools and library shows.
Anthony is full of spooky surprises with this comical halloween magic show!  This show is great for kids and families for any kind of Halloween party and to entertain at schools an libraries.  Don't forget to invite your guests to come to the show in costume!
Anthony can perform a show that will thrill teens who are too old for trick or treating or adults who want a SCARY Halloween party instead!
Experience the magic and fun of Christmas! Anthony has loads of magical Christmas effects including props, live bunny and the head Elf himself!  Kids love the magic of the holiday season and everyone gets to help with the magical illusions!

This show is great for family holiday parties, daycares, schools and libraries.  (This show can also be presented as a non-Christmas "holiday" show.)

Call to book this show early!
December is Anthony's busiest month because he is also Santa for Hire!
Don't let the summer pass by without some exciting magical entertainment!  Anthony has both summery Hawaiian and patriotic themed magic shows ready for your summer birthday parties and family reunions.  

Cities and Towns - are you looking for exciting entertainment for your summer events? 
Anthony performs for many town days, 
fairs and carnivals.
And don't forget the balloons!
Call Anthony at (801) 230-7372
to schedule the best family-friendly magic show to add exciting entertainment to 
your next special event!
Anthony's Birthday Magic Shows are fun, family friendly and entertaining for kids of all ages!

  Your child will be the star of the show and their name will be the magic word of the day.  All the children get to be magic helpers, and they love to pet the bunny after the show!

This show is also great for family reunions, neighborhood parties and group events.
Here's a sample of Anthony's magic show at a local library:
For more videos of Anthony White's Magic Shows, click here